Biology High-school Textual Records

Records of summaries I have written throughout high-school in biology:


The Beauty of a Rain Forest


Rain forests are one of the most beautiful and wealthy places on earth. It is simply impossible to describe the beauty, majesty, and gorgeousness to those who have never had the inspiring experience of standing in the heart of a primary rain forest. Although rain forests are one of the most resourceful lands on Earth, they are one of the many elements that many of us overlook. As a result, rain forests are still being carelessly destroyed despite the great significance they have on humanity
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Why Did I Start?



This article will be the beginning of a new blog, a new start, for me through the web. And I’m positively convinced that if I would ever leave this place, I’ll leave as a better experienced and educated person. In this article, I am willing to present the main reasons that made me start blogging. In fact, the reasons are directly associated with my self-development and interests. Continue reading Why Did I Start?

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